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Treatment Description

This 14 year old patient was concerned about the deep bite along with the upper and lower crowding. Treatment consisted of an upper jaw expander followed by full upper and lower braces. Elastics were worn on the right side to correct the bite and align the midlines. Treatment time was 21 months. There were some brushing and flossing concerns throughout treatment and as a consequence the gum tissue is temporarily red and puffy in some areas. A fluoride mouth rinse was recommended during orthodontic treatment to ensure no cavities would form on the teeth. After orthodontic treatment was completed the four wisdom teeth were also extracted since they were impacted.


Deep Bite, Crowding, Expander (Rapid Maxillary Expander, Rapid Palatal Expander), Braces (Fixed Appliance), Bite (Occlusion), Dental Midline, Fluoride Mouthrinse, Cavity (Caries), Wisdom Teeth (Third Molar, 8's), Impacted Teeth