What's required before my exam appointment?

Please complete this form: New Patient Registration Form before you come in for your initial visit.

Initial Visit

At the initial visit you will meet either Dr. Taylor or Dr. Shamloo. Although your dentist will likely give you a referral, it is not necessary to have a referral for this visit. During this visit specific measurements of your bite are taken and the doctors will discuss any functional and esthetic concerns you may have. The best treatment approach and all reasonable alternatives will be discussed giving you the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Records Appointment

The records appointment involves gathering information which the doctors will analyze and study to finalize a treatment plan. These records include photographs, digital radiographs, and models of your teeth. This appointment is one hour in duration and all records are done within our office. We have state of the art low-dose digital radiography in our office which exposes you to a fraction of the radiation compared to conventional radiographs.

Orthodontic Adjustment Appointments

Once orthodontic treatment has been started you can expect to come in for regular adjustment appointments every 3-6 weeks. These appointments are generally 30 – 60 minutes long.

It is important that patients maintain six month visits with their family dentist during the orthodontic treatment. Adult patients frequently will require cleaning appointments every three months.


Once orthodontic treatment is completed, you will have retainers fitted to hold your teeth in ideal position. The retention phase of treatment is very important to maintain your new beautiful smile! Wearing your retainers at night forever is the only way to ensure that you keep your beautiful smile. Unfortunately, like the rest of the body, teeth will age and maintenance is required!

We generally check your retainers for two years following orthodontic treatment, however, we are not going anywhere and want our patients to know we are here to help them with any lost or broken retainers!